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Today we celebrate this swedisch traditional midsommar; we went to a place and all people were dancing and having fun on some traditional songs. After that we had an amazing dinner! Thanks Mimmi and Mikael! I really enjoyed today :) this weekend we are free, Sunday we can do some horseriding so looking forward to that!
Another day at the zoo today! The weather was rainy but we had fun! 

Today group 2 (Ida,Tilda,Kelsey,Michelle&Latoya) had some theory lessons from Mikael. We learned about systematics and we also eat a lot of candy during the lesson. After lunch we did a behaviour study from the bears and grey seals.

Today group 2 went to the animal park. First we split up into two groups, me and Latoya fed the animals at the childrens zoo and Ida, Michelle and Kelsey went to the bears and did some enrichment, then we had a break. After that we fed the reindeers, deers and some other animals. Then it was time for lunch. After that we fed the predators, it was really fun to feed the seals, we got to to some tricks with them. We had a great day and I'm really looking forward to Saturday when we go there again!

A photo of the students leaving to the Zoo
Today we started in the morning ad 8 am with having breakfast with everybody.
Then after that we had a proper intruduction with the other students, after this we had a tour through the school, then we got shirts and boots. We desinfected our boots and then we got in the vans that took us to a camping. It was a +- 3 hour drive. On our wat we saw a reindeer, this was really amazing because it's very rare to see one right now. Tomorrow we're going to work at the zoo in a group of 7 people, 3 Dutch girls and 4 Finnish girls. Now we're going to have a good nice sleep because we have a busy day tomorrow.
The students and Mikael and Mona are almost ready to leave to Lycksele.
Ahene Project Meeting also going on in Sweden.


Hallo Everyone,

Welcome to the Nordic Animals 2017 blog.

Our students from Finland, The Netherlands and Sweden are in Sweden to follow 4 weeks of intensive training about Nordic Animals. This is part of our AHENE project, which is an Erasmus + project, financed by the European Union. The period is from 12th June 2017 to 7th July 2017.

Please enjoy reading about their experiences at Grans Naturbruksschool, the Zoo, in the forests and in the mountains of Northern Sweden.

Gail Wright, AHENE Projectmanager
AHENE Erasmus Plus – project offers new learning possibilities for students

AHENE stands for Animal Husbandry Exchanges in Northwest Europe. The aim of AHENE project is to investigate if we can organise exchanges of European students to follow their school lessons about Animal Husbandry abroad at one of the partner schools.