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Last weeks happenings

We went to an island last sunday. We travelled there by a motor boat in two groups, it was very  nice weather, finally warm and sunny! So unusual for a Nordic summer.. On the island, the swedish girls and Micke went swimming, but the others didn't. Finnish girls trained Sushi (Mona's dog) to swim and he learnt quickly! After the swim some of us climbed the rocks and watched the gorgeous views! After that we had fika and just sat in the sun for a while. Before leaving we also played one game in two groups "Team Fin & Swe" and "team Holland". The dutch ladies won and were really satisfied with themselves.

Last week we also went hiking on a mountain in Lapland, above the Arctic circle. The views were amazing, even though the weather wasn't so good. The finnish girls enjoyed it very much and we had the best time of our lives. Even though all the finns got sick afterwards. We also drove over to Norway and had fika there, we took some pictures of course…
Last sunday we went to the fishing camp and a museum. We all catched a fish, it was really fun. Now we are working on our final presentations en were almost finished. Today we are at the Swedisch Ikea and we visited the candy world store. Tomorrow some horseback riding.